Animal World: The "boss" portrait of crickets threatens to kill mice

Approximately the size of a human hand, 3 times heavier than a mouse and unmovable, the giant Weta cricket is the king of crickets in New Zealand.

Weta crickets are also one of the "giant" insects.
The name Weta (Wetapunga) is originally derived from the way the Maori people call this insect meaning God of ugly things, funny translation is Holy Bad.
Online community - Animal world: Portrait of the 'boss' of cricket threatens to kill mice
With a 10cm long body, weighing 80-90gram, it is 3 times heavier than the rat and the heaviest insect found, so they are dubbed the lord of crickets.
Online community - Animal world: Portrait of the "boss" of the threat of dead mice (Figure 2).
Especially this is an extremely aggressive animal, they can "play dry blood" with cats, dogs even people without knowing the posterity later! Really brave!
Cricket Weta has a history of over 200 million years. Studies have suggested that they appeared before dinosaurs because the fossils found in the Triassic period 190 million years ago show many similarities with the current Weta crickets in New Zealand.
However, in all these years they have not evolved or changed, their shapes are basically kept intact until now.
But the humor is that, despite being an insect, Weta crickets can't fly even if they can't dance like other species.
Weta crickets have no lungs but breathe with their exoskeleton because there are holes connected to the oxygen pump for each cell in the insect's body.
The Weta cricket's ear is located just above its knee, below the knee joint on the front leg.
Weta cricket's favorite dish is carrots! It is interesting to see them eating lumpily like a rabbit.
Online community - Animal world: Portrait of the "boss" of the threat of dead mice (Figure 3).
Mark Moffett - a former ranger said: "Weta ate carrots so well that he forgot the fact that it was left in our hands. But this is an extremely aggressive insect and we don't I want to take risks, so after they bite a few pieces, we take some pictures and drop it to the right place. "
Weta crickets are only on New Zealand's Little Barrier Island, although there are up to 70 other weta crickets across the country.
These species have the most intimate relationship of giant Weta crickets including the carnivorous Weta, Weta tree, and Weta cave.
The alpine Weta species can stay frozen during the winter, and only return to action when spring comes.
Currently, giant Weta crickets are kept by conservation groups to increase the number of these species.
Minh Anh

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