Interesting secrets about the Siberian Husky 'great' dog

The Siberian Husky breed has an ancient origin in northeastern Siberia, Russia and is very popular in Vietnam because of its eye-catching appearance as well as a "noisy" face unlike any other dog.

The Siberian  Husky  is a healthy dog, with a well-sprung and suitable body that lives in cold climates. In their native Siberia, Husky dogs are raised by the Abukchi native to tow snow carts as well as to keep their homes and livestock. 
Although it is only a medium-sized dog, they have incredible strength.
velvet style for siberian husky
The Siberian Husky breed originated in ancient Siberian northeast. (Photo: Mental Floss).
Today, this breed is raised primarily as a companion dog and is easy to understand if it is raised to be a family friend in the city, they can play and destroy all day without being tired.
However, in the icy areas year-round, this breed is often used to pull cars because they can go to places where motor vehicles cannot reach as well as to participate in row speed races. year in North America.

Husky dogs are born to run

The Siberian Husky breed was born thanks to the selection of Aboriginal people selling the Chukchi nomads and other Aborigines in Siberia about 3000 years ago, when they had to expand the hunting area as well as migrate to the environment. better. 
Therefore, they need to have dogs with good stamina, high cold tolerance, living in a price environment but do not require too much food and especially can pull cars, run for a while long.
After the natural selection process as well as the impact of human hands to match the living conditions as well as the needs of farmers, Husky breeds were born. 
However, there is still a lot of controversy about the lineage of this breed.

Husky's superiority to that of Alaska

Husky dogs first appeared in the United States in 1909 at the sprint race in Alaska. 
In 1925, a large epidemic occurred in Nome, Alaska, and resupply vehicles were taken to the most remote places by Husky dogs. 
It was this event that caught the attention of the public and made the Husky breed famous in America. Husky himself was used in the explorer's Arctic expedition - Admiral Bird.
In Alaska, there is also a famous dog breed called Alaska Malamute, but in 1925 it was used to replace Husky Alaska Malamute dogs.
velvet style for siberian husky
Siberian Husky Dog (left) and Alaska Malamute (right). (Photo: Mental Floss).
The reason is that the Alaska Malamute breed has a big body and superior health but it is not durable, they only have speed, not the flexibility and dexterity. 
In contrast, although Husky dogs are average in shape and not as fast as Alaska Malamute, they can travel very long distances without rest. 
Therefore Husky dogs have created an impression as well as made their name thanks to their small bodies and toughness.

Husky variety of eye colors

Husky eyes are almond shaped slightly slanted and set apart just right. Looking into their eyes exudes a wild, cold look like wild wolves.
velvet style for siberian husky
The eyes of Husky dogs.
Husky's eye color is very diverse, most typical is brown, blue, amber, green, light green, greenish brown ... 
Even many of them have 2-color eyes or have many eyes mixed with half-green and half-brown looking very special.

Husky special color

The Siberian Huskies are healthy dogs and have a variety of coat colors, the following phases are as follows: black and white, red and white (from orange to dark brown), gray and white (from silver to gray wolf), White mink (orange red with black fur end). 
In addition, the Siberian Husky dog ​​has a pure white color like snow, but is not widely known because this coat color is really rare and difficult to breed.
velvet style for siberian husky
White Husky Dog.

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