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Những chú "cún" đẹp nhất thế giới

Cập nhật: 16 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 16, 2019
1. Siberian Husky (or Husky)
Husky dogs originate from Siberia - Russia and have very close relatives to wolves. Thousands of years ago, people breed and breed Husky dogs to pull snow cars and transport goods throughout Siberia. The husky uncles have a modest but well-proportioned body that looks bold and extremely supple. They can run and tow the vehicle continuously for tens of kilometers in extreme weather conditions without stopping. Husky dog ​​hair has 2 layers and is very thick to keep the body warm in -50 degree weather.

Husky Dogs - The most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world

Siberian Husky - The most beautiful dog breed in the world

Today, people rarely use Husky dogs to pull cars, but often raise them as pets in their homes because of their beauty. In Vietnam, this breed is also very popular with popular prices ranging from 6-10 million.
2. Alaskan Malamute (or Alaska)
 This is a dog with a relative close to Husky, which is domesticated by the Mahlemut tribe, living in Alaska. Later, the Eskimo discovered that they were extremely supple, so they trained them to pull snow cars on long and continuous journeys. Alaska dogs were originally just as big as Husky, over thousands of years, people tried to breed to get bigger, stronger and more supple Alaska dogs. Thanks to its extraordinary power, Alaska participated in the polar exploration journeys of explorers around the world.
Alaska dog - the most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world
From the 18th century, Alaska was raised very popular to be a pet and quickly occupied the top 10 most beautiful ornamental dogs in the world. In Vietnam today, Alaska dogs fall into the price range of 8-10 million / individual. 
3. Golden Retriever (or Golden) - Hound dog
Golden is a hunting dog of British origin, bred through generations from many different breeds. Golden is a breed of dog with strong hunting instincts, good odor-tracking ability, so they are used by police in many countries around the world to detect drugs and explosives. Although they are hounds, they are gentle, friendly, mischievous and loyal. Golden dog has a well-proportioned, healthy body. The coat has a variety of colors, from creamy yellow to brown (red is not recognized as Golden).
Golden dog - The most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world
Today, Golden is the most popular breed of dogs in families in the US and many European countries. In Vietnam, prices are sold from VND 4 - 7 million
4. Poodle 
Poodle is a famous French wading dog and mallard (or German, whose origin is unclear). They have very thick and curly hairs, keeping them warm when diving in European wetlands. Poodle dogs have 3 common sizes: toy (under 25cm), mini (25 - 40cm) and standard (over 40cm high). Toy Poodle dogs are categorized into one of the world's most beautiful and lovely dog ​​breeds. However, the characteristics of these Poodle babies are quite friendly and naughty
poodle dogs - The most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world
In Vietnam, toy poodle is the most popular cultured variety, in addition to 2 other varieties (not officially recognized) are tiny poodle and teacup poodle. The price for each child falls between 4 and 6 million.
5. German Shepherd (or Becgie) - Shepherd dog
German Shepherd is a medium sized dog, weighing 20 - 40kg, 55 - 65cm tall, originating from Germany. This is a fairly new breed in the genealogy of dogs, first bred in 1899 in Germany, belonging to the group of cattle dogs. Originally bred for shepherds, they were later trained to serve in police and military due to their intelligence, robustness, agility, loyalty and ability to comply well with training orders. Becgie dogs are the most service dogs in the police force in countries around the world.
Becgie dogs - The most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world
In Vietnam, many dogs of becgie dogs are also trained in crime prevention activities.
6. Labrador Retriever (or Labrador) - hunting dog
Labrador is a popular hunting dog in the United States, often trained to retract during hunting. In the extreme, Labrador is a very popular dog by Portuguese sailors because they are gentle, friendly, very intelligent and strong, they can help fishermen pull nets and catch fish. Labrador is also considered to be the most popular breed in the United States for many years, they are kept in families and are often regarded as family members.
labrador dog - The most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world
In Vietnam, healthy and pure Labrador dogs are sold for 3 - 5 million. Thai Labrador dogs are sold for 6-8 million.
7. Samoyed (hay Sam) 
Samoyed dogs are originated from the Taiga mountains, northwest Siberia - Russia. This is a breed of dog with a close relative to Husky and Alaska. Samoyed dogs have strong and supple body, can pull cars continuously on very long journeys. The hair is 2 layers thick, the legs are strong and strong, and it is able to track the very good snow. This is a high-status dog in Samoyede society, they have a very close connection with the people here, helping them transport food, hunting and fighting protection from the enemy. Today, Sam dogs are very popular in European countries, the US and Canada and are one of the most beautiful dog breeds, winning many awards in large dog shows.
samoyed dog - The most beautiful dog breeds |  The most beautiful dog in the world
Samoyed dogs are gradually becoming popular in Vietnam, the Samoyed children have adapted quite well to the tropical climate environment. 
8. Chow Chow Dog: 
This is a dog with aristocratic appearance with thick fur and huge stature, making them charming and powerful of lions. Especially their tongue always has a unique unique blue or black color. This breed is extremely loyal and fierce, hunting very well, but they also need great care and love.
9.  Miniature Schnauzer: 
This is a dog with a very special coat, it consists of two layers: a hard and thick outer layer, and a soft layer inside. Especially around the legs, eyes and snout they have very long hairs, creating a particularly rare beauty. This dog is extremely loyal, emotional, intelligent and naughty.
10. Akita Inu: 
This precious dog breed is considered to be the national dog of Japan, they possess extremely warm, soft and beautiful thick fur. They are also very intelligent and loyal but quite aggressive, do not like strangers and have very high territorial protection.