Prepare for the biggest dog traction festival in Scotland

Husky dogs and rickshaw drivers are gathering in the highlands to prepare for the UK's largest dog sled race, organized by the Siberian Husky Club.


This year's race will take place on the trails around Lake Morlich, near Cairngorm mountain, the highland area of ​​northern Scotland. Photo: Reuters.

Although in the training sessions, it is not snowy but it is predicted that snow will fall in moderation on the day of the race from 26 to 27 January this year. Photo: Reuters.
Contest participants were at Feshuebridge to practice preparing for the event. Photo: PA.

The event was organized by the Siberia Great Britain Husky Club (SHCGB) and is held annually since 1984. Photo: Reuters.

Husky dogs are animals used to pull traction in many parts of the world, due to their ability to withstand cold, health and especially the ability to move on snow and thin ice to help them appear superior. with horses. Photo: Reuters.

SHCGB said that from the 12 participating teams for the first time in 1984, the competition has become the biggest event in the UK with over 1,000 dogs and 250 operators. Photo: Reuters.
A Husky with two different two-color eyes. Photo: Reuters.
This year's event will still happen if there is no snow. Photo: Reuters.
After training, the dogs were taken back to the topic's truck to rest. Photo: Reuters.

Controlling the sled dogs is an activity that requires time and affection, you must understand your dogs to arrange suitable positions for them in the squad. Photo: Reuters.

According to SHCGB, next to the Husky Siberian dogs, this year's race also features Canadian Alaska Malamute, Samoyed, Greenland and Eskimo varieties. Photo: Reuters. 

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