Son of extermination dog

Dare to think, dare to do it is the story of Mr. Hoang Van Tien (SN 1991) when choosing to start a business with a friend, especially foreign dogs. He brought dog breeds of Arctic origin (Alaska, Husky ...) to the land of 2 rainy and sunny seasons in the Central Highlands. He successfully built the first model of pet dog farm in Krong Buk district, with the largest scale in Dak Lak province.

Starting a business from a  four-legged animal

Recently, raising foreign dogs has become a trend that many people love. They said that being cared for, playing with dogs is like being in love with a friend.
Look at the cute Alaska dogs under the hands of the young master's feats always create charisma before anyone who happened to see. Mr. Tien said: “There are a lot of pet dogs here but only 1-2 children. Currently, there are many breeds in the market, but Alaska dogs still burn out because of its toxicity and strangeness.
Talking about the fate of dog farming, in 2013, after graduating from the construction of roads and bridges (School of Transportation 3), he dived to trade all things to make a living but was not effective. At the end of 2016, a close friend in Ho Chi Minh City suggested raising pet dogs. Having a passion, he saved 10 million dong to buy an adult Husky dog ​​(in his pregnancy) from Ho Chi Minh City. Although raising dogs in the house is no stranger to each person, but when he sees the foreign dog, his family and his wife object. They say, with a year-round countryside of agriculture like Cu Kôp, dogs have to keep their houses and burglars, and expensive, gentle dogs to display that scene are a luxury to the lives of the people here. . According to prejudice, this breed is only suitable for a big town, so he lied to the family that the dog you sent. After 2 months of care, the dog gave birth to 4 children, and when the customer came to buy it immediately, he earned nearly 40 million VND. Interesting from this, he confessed to his family, then supported by his wife.
Foreign trade
The coat creates a distinctive beauty for Alaska dogs.
Start quite smoothly with stable profits. He noticed the need to play pet dogs, especially Alaska dogs. He decided to use that money to add 3 more animals, including 2 Alaska, 1 Husky. Advantages, they are pregnant and reproduce well, inspiring his determination to have a specific business orientation. He realized that the cool and chilly climate in Cu Kô land is quite suitable for this breed, so he boldly started his business, determined to get rich in his homeland. Back on the 1,400 m 2 of  upland land located on the hillside away from residential areas, surrounded by gardens, pepper, and coffee, the family started to invest in building dog farms. In Nam Anh village, Cu Kô commune, (Krong Buk district), there are 28 stables and a playground for dogs.
His farm is well known and considered a reliable address to provide breeds (puppies, adult dogs) to the market. In addition to the number of customers in Dak Lak province and the Central Highlands, there are also customers in Hanoi, Can Tho, and Ho Chi Minh City ... For remote customers, Mr. Tien transports by passenger cars with cages captive, reserve food and guide the pet care garage.
He also organized a breeding service for dogs. At present, Mr. Tien has about 30 dogs belonging to the following lines: Poodle, Pug, Bulldog, Alaska, Husky. In which there are 15 children, each year breeds two litters, each with 5-8 children. The farm has 6 male dogs mating, each month about 10 customer bitches are taken to the camp for coordination, the price ranges from 4 to 5 million VND / head. More than 1 year of "starting a business" from selling dogs and accompanying services, except for the cost of over VND 500 million. Mr. Tien shared: At the beginning, the most difficult time was that there was no experience, so when I bought the breeds, I had to work hard and have to learn the practical experience of the people who went before and went online to look for materials to take care of the dog. scene. Spending 2 months in Ho Chi Minh City learning, recording breeding experiences, how to take care of bitches, treating dog farms, plus daily practice,

Passionate as a  "nanny" ... dog

Looking at him meticulously brushing Alaskan dog named Nana, he could see his great passion. This dog is most beautiful thanks to its fur, with a variety of colors such as white gray, mink fur combined with black and white, or white body. Long, thick, smooth hair on the back creates a distinct beauty for Alaska dogs.
“Alaska is a smart dog. It took me a few days to get acquainted with a new dog. This is a large, healthy working dog bone. People often use to pull carts on snow and ice so the nature of hunting is not high, so they are very gentle, ”Mr. Tien said.
Foreign trade
Hearing the command, the dogs ran to Mr. Tien.
Exotic dogs often suffer from skin and intestinal diseases, so need special diet and care conditions, each dog needs to be fully vaccinated and cleaned weekly. Breeding dogs very elaborately, nutrition according to different stages. When you have to give milk, calcium, etc., big dogs eat chicken, beef, vegetables, duck eggs ... on average, a dog will spend more than 1 million VND per month on buying food.
Not only worry about food, health, the dog is also "beautified" so his farm has expanded services such as: keeping cages, depositing, taking care of the farm, bathing, spa trimming, treating skin diseases. Breeding to give birth to Alaska dogs. Raising dogs not only requires meticulous care but also has special passion and love for this four-legged friend.
Currently, Mr. Tien is expanding the farm scale, building 50 more stables and is importing grass to make a playground for dogs and breeding areas for dogs. When finishing the farm will need 4 - 5 staff to care for dogs. In the future, the farm aims to scale 100 breeding dogs to serve customers nationwide. In addition, he joined the club of lovers of Buon Ho cats and dogs, sharing experiences for young people who want to start a business from raising foreign dogs. It is expected that at the beginning of the school year, the club will deduct funds to support a part of expenses and books for poor students in a remote school in the district.
Mr. Vu Minh Cuong, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Youth Union of Krong Buk district, Chairman of the Youth Union of good economic district, said that this is a new economic model, not only bringing high income but also The model helps union members and youth learn experiences to "set up a career". Besides, the Union District, the Committee of Youth Union as well as the club are aiming to coordinate the youth union members in the locality who share the same passion and interest in starting a dog to establish a cooperative with services such as counseling, care, exchange and sale of pet according to needs.
Breeding dogs very elaborately, nutrition according to different stages. When you have to give milk, calcium, etc., big dogs eat chicken, beef, vegetables, duck eggs ... on average, a dog will spend more than 1 million VND per month on buying food.

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